Mista Nige - DJ

The DJ

In his early years Nige was surrounded by music at family parties - these in turn led to playing instruments in a concert band.  His record collection was made up of 7" Vinyl ranging from pop hits of the 80's to old time Rock N Roll.  Nige's obsession with DJing came when he saw guys playing records at parties whilst he worked behind the bar, he soon decided to switch roles and jumped into DJing with two turntables and a mixer.  Plenty of test runs later and he had his first paid gig - a friends party.  After this first night he invested all his spare time (and money) into creating "The Party Zone Mobile Disco" - this venture led to numerous parties, residencies and ultimately a full time DJ position with a company based in Singapore!  Nige has been involved with DJing since 1988 and continues to spin the tunes on vinyl as well as a digital platform today!

Hear the music

The Gear

Currently supplying two setups Nige has the ability to transform your venue into a 'pop up' Disco or setup in the corner to add atmosphere and background music to your event.  Small compact setups to large outdoor functions, nothing is to great or small. Comprising of two Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000 Nexus media players, one Pioneer DJ DJM900 Nexus mixer and a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Controller we have all bases covered.  Using Serato DJ Software or good old vinyl and CD's there is a setup for every venue and function.  If your club needs a DJ for the night, a USB stick and headphones will give endless hours of musical goodness if Mista Nige is in the DJ Booth!

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